Advanced Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications

M E 550X XE

Course Description

Extensive overview of biosensors including biological/biomedical microelectromechanical (Bio-MEMs) systems and bioanalytical devices with an introduction to fundamental principles, detection methods, and miniaturization techniques. Fundamental biosensor theory including biorecognition, transduction, signal acquisition, and post processing/data analysis will be discussed. Distinct sensing modalities (e.g., electrochemical, optical, thermal and mass based), biorecognition agents (e.g., enzymes, antibodies, aptamers, whole cells/tissues, genetically engineered proteins) and advanced transduction materials (e.g., carbon nanotubes, graphene, quantum/carbon dots, and polymers/hydrogels) and their use in the context of specific applications (e.g., biomedical, environmental, food safety) will be reviewed in detail. Additionally, students will design a theoretical biosensor and present their design in a written proposal and oral presentation.

3 credits


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Jonathan Claussen

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