Special Topics Construction Engineering and Mgt: Modeling and Evaluation of Energy Performance of Buildings and Communities

C E 594P XE

Course Description

Introduction to the technical and economic aspects of modeling and evaluating energy performance at the building and community scale. As we face increasing challenges related energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and electric grid reliability, it is important to build new and retrofit existing infrastructure to enable more energy efficient and sustainable design and operation. Overview of recent and ongoing efforts to improve the energy performance and efficiency of buildings and communities. Students will then learn current techniques to model and evaluate the performance of buildings and systems, including building energy simulation and energy use data analysis for assessing performance and evaluating alternative designs. Other building and energy topics will be covered as time allows.

1-3 credits


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Kristen Cetin

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Spring 2017
Jan 9 - May 5
CON E 322, CON E 340, C E 306, and permission of the instructor
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$390.00 *
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