Online Courses

African and African American Studies

Introduction to African American Studies
AF AM 201 W5
Ethnic and Race Relations
AF AM 330 W5


Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTHR 201 W5


Introductory Biology
BIOL 101 W5
Principles of Biology II
BIOL 212 W5
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
BIOL 255 W5

Classical Studies

Greek and Roman Mythology
CL ST 273 W5

Communication Studies

Professional Communication
COMST 214 W5

Computer Science

Introduction to spreadsheets and databases
COM S 113 W5

Construction Engineering

Engineering Law
CON E 380 W5

Criminal Justice Studies

Youth and Crime
CJ ST 241 W5
Deviant and Criminal Behavior
CJ ST 340 W5


History of Iowa
HIST 370 W5

Industrial Engineering

Engineering Economic Analysis Fall, Spring, Summer
I E 305 W5

International Studies

Introduction to International Studies
INTST 235 W5

Journalism & Mass Communication

Identity, Diversity and the Media
JL MC 140X W5
Communication Technology and Social Change
JL MC 474 W5

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Professional Career Preparation
LAS 203 W5


MATH 143 W5
Calculus I
MATH 165 W5
Calculus II
MATH 166 W5

Mechanical Engineering

M E 419 W5


Moral Theory and Practice
PHIL 230 W5

Political Science

Introduction to American Government
POL S 215 W5


Media Psychology
PSYCH 386 W5


Youth and Crime
SOC 241 W5
Ethnic and Race Relations
SOC 330 W5
Deviant and Criminal Behavior
SOC 340 W5

Women's and Gender Studies

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 201 W5